My name is Benny Blid and my activities in dogs started in my early teen-age.

It all began in 1964 with Tina, who was supposed to be an Afghan Hound, but the
money earned from a summer job did not cover the cost of a pure bred Afghan. In a local news paper an advert appeared about a cross bred litter, we went to have a look, and came home with a lovely puppy, a cross between Border Collie and Greyhound.

We went to obedience classes and obedience competition in the local dog club but as cross-breeds were not allowed for official competitions I had to get a pure bred dog too. At the club my favourite was a big black Giant Schnauzer bitch and the decision was easy! That was what I wanted to have. We contacted the famous Riesengårdens kennel.

And the rest became history!


Int/Scandinavian Ch, Working Dog of The Year
-69, -70 Riesengårdens Xo entered the house. Apart fron Working Trials the active showing began and the interest of breeding came a few years later. .